Managed Log Reporting Solution



  1.     We will capture, report and archive your daily critical security incidents and events, using industry leading SIEM technology from HP ArcSight.

  1.     The service’s comprehensive log aggregation provides powerful analytics into your security landscape.

  1.     Our service is optimized for out of the box collection of your important log events for fast and simple forensic analysis.

  1.     We create and deliver daily reports customized for your environment with 24/7 event capture and monitoring.


  1.     No hardware or software to purchase

  1.     Simplified and cost effective solution to meet compliance, regulatory, or audit needs

  1.     Service is securely hosted and managed by Castle Ventures, requiring no infrastructure or capital investment

  1.     Our solution provides centralized visibility into your network to monitor, analyze, assess and respond the network security threat landscape.


  1.     A selection of available reports: *

  1.     Internet Activity

  1.     Remote Logins – from employees and contractors

  1.     IT Administrator Activity – account creation and deletion, password changes, etc.

  1.     Foreign Activity – logins from foreign locations, outbound traffic to foreign countries, etc.

  1.     All Windows Logins – failed and successful

  1.     Malware and Virus Activity – detections, failed updates and uncovered PCs

  1.     Top Network Talkers

  1.     Wireless Network Activity

  1.     External Network Penetrations – successful and failed

  1.     Inventory of network connected devices

* reports are dependent on the customer’s underlying network architecture

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