ArcSight Managed Solution

  1.      The ArcSight Managed Solution is for organizations who have deployed the

        ArcSight SIEM but lack the necessary on-going manpower to maintain the

        system. The Castle Ventures Managed Solution provides a cost effective way to leverage the ArcSight platform to its fullest capabilities.

  1.      Castle Ventures, a certified ArcSight Professional Services Partner, is a consulting firm whose mission is to help companies defend against information technology security threats to their critical data and infrastructure. ArcSight provides centralized visibility into your network to monitor, analyze, assess and respond to the network security threat landscape.


  1.     On-going system and application maintenance

  1.     Technical support – 1st level, not meant to be a replacement for HP support

  1.     Application administration – create new reports, filters, queries, etc.

  1.     Deploy new connectors

  1.     Assist in investigations

  1.     Ongoing maintenance and tuning of your current ArcSight environment after an initial baseline and assessment review


  1.      Cost effective solution to meet compliance, regulatory, or audit needs.

  1.     No need to spend additional funds on new personnel or training current employees to manage the ArcSight product.

  1.     Our solution provides centralized visibility into your network to monitor, analyze, assess and respond the network security threat landscape.

  1.     Our service provides the highest levels of data security by securing all the event data in your organization’s premises . Your team retains complete access to all event data and to the SIEM system, ensuring that your organization has continuous control over its sensitive security data.

  1.    Ongoing remote managed service

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